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French Seed Potatoes
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SIAC is a french family company with 10 people, we produce and commercialize seed potatoes.



In collaboration with 20 producers, we grow a total amount of 270 ha of seed potatoes.



We commercialize the seed in Europe and particulary in France.



We develop also 4 varieties in exclusivity: LOUISANA,   NAZCASURYA and  MALICE.



2024 production plan in hectare / Total 267 Ha.

Our Varieties

We develop 4 varieties in exclusivity.

About Us

Some events and press articles about the company.

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    Our Beginnings

    Creation of "Société industrielle agricole du pays de Caux" by Roger Feron the father of the actual leader, at Yvetot (Seine-maritime).

  • Olivier Feron

    1980 - 2000


    After the resumption of the Buisness by Olivier Feron in 1980, the Siac grown up with more offices, doubling of cold-storage room capacity and setting up a calibration station.

  • extension-siac


    Site extension

    Enlargement of the site. Acquisition of a grain silo converted into a cold storage-room with a capacity of 2000 tons, 12.70 meters height and capable of containing 8 stacked palletes, bringing the total capacity of 5000 t.

  • Franck Hericher


    Arrival of Franck Hericher

    Arrival of Franck Hericher as technical trading, after eighteen years in North Committee.

  • Achat Grimm

    2010 New planter

    New planter belts Grimme GL 44 T.

    8 000 to 10 000 tonnes traded, 9 full-time employees.

Our Team

SIAC is a french family company with 10 people.

Olivier Feron

Oliver Feron


Franck Hericher

Franck Hericher

Lead Marketer

Bastien Levasseur

Bastien Levasseur

Production Manager


Société Industrielle et Agricole du Pays de Caux
Pommes de Terre Sélection et Consommation
17 Route de Grémonville
B.P.32 - 76191 YVETOT Cedex - France
Mail : ste-siac@orange.fr
Phone : +33 (0)2 35 95 06 44
Fax : +33 (0)2 35 95 12 52